How to Find a Sugar Baby

In a prior article, I talked about dating older women.  Today, I shift gears and talk about dating younger women.

A sugar baby is a young and attractive woman who wants to enjoy a luxurious life without having to work too much for it. Sugar babies give their companionship to rich older men who pay for the pleasure of their company. There are many websites available online that help these rich men and beautiful women connect online so that they don’t have to go through the hassle of dating different people till they find one that can give them what they want.

Finding Sugar Babies Online

Once you register on these websites, your profile is carefully vetted by their in-house teams to see if you the men are lying about their finances or if the women are lying about if they are students, among other things. This way you don’t have to meet a person and then find out later that they can’t even offer what you have paid to get. For all the rich men this is a great way to find the sugar baby that they want, as they can see pictures of all these women and then choose which one they want to go on a date with.

Sugar Baby Dating

Sugar Babies can be a fun time!

They then send these women requests and the women then review their profile to see if they want to go on a date with the person who has sent them a request, as they have a choice to do so or not if they wish to decline. There are even some websites where the men bid on profiles of women and the highest bid gets to take that specific woman out on a date, and then if they both hit it off they can keep going on dates, and if not, both of them just go back on the website and find another person.

This way both the men and women get what they want and are able to find a sugar daddy or a sugar baby with ease. Most of the women registered on these websites are college students for whom it is a great way to get rid of their college debt problem as they can just pay off all their student loans by going out on dates instead of working at restaurants or other places for small amounts of money. The sugar baby profession, if you may call it that, is becoming more and more famous as it is an easy way to get rid of your financial problems.

Of course, a lot of younger women hang out on sites like the snapchat of sex – SnapSext.  Check out that site as well and don’t discount it as a viable option to find younger women who may be willing to hang out with you for some financial gains.

Why Elite Serum is my “Go To” Eye serum

The Elite Serum is vastly popular and the best eye cream out there because of the unique blend of ingredients it possesses. No other eye cream (antiaging or otherwise) has such powerful ingredients to aid cell renewal and increased hydration and moisture retention. With age the skin loses more moisture and is less able to hold on to it. Elite Serum helps this process along with performing a number of other vital functions.

Buy Elite Serum Rx

Elite Serum, Rx Edition, is among the best serums money can buy.

Check out more skin care reviews here on video.

Its Miracle Ingredients

  • Matrixyl is the first miracle ingredient found in this serum. It is essentially a wrinkle reducer but a very powerful one. This substance also stimulates the skin to produce and retain Collagen which is where your skin gets its flexibility and youthful appearance. Collagen is also the former of healthy new skin cells and this process is disrupted as the skin becomes older.
  • Eyeliss is the next interesting addition. Its main purpose is to greatly strengthen the eye area so it is less likely to form new wrinkles. In short, it provides protection for the future so that new wrinkles do not later take the place of existing ones. Eyeliss is also essential for preventing broken capillaries under the surface of the skin which can be unhealthy and unsightly at the same time.
  • Haloxyl comes next and it is meant for puffiness which is a common problem which many women suffer from regardless of age. It is also very effective against dark circles. Haloxyl works to move fluid away from the eyes to reduce signs of puffiness and it also removes toxins at the same time. This helps you have a more radiant undereye area without even trying. This substance also prevents the leakage of blood in the undereye area which is how you get dark circles.
  • The rest are some standard moisturizing elements derivative of fruits which aid hydration and keep the skin around the eyes healthy and fresh. The skin is not allowed to dry out as that can also lead to wrinkles.

Elite serum climbs up the charts of eye creams not only because of its ingredients but also because of its futuristic packaging. It looks like an injection which many think is just an ironic joke because the effects of this serum have been compared with Botox injections. Except with Elite Serum, you get all the effects and none of the pain.

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Getting in Shape With the Help of Supplements

Muscle EggBased in the United States, Muscle Egg offers premium liquid egg whites in liquid/bottled form. Muscle Egg is the world’s first egg white protein drink. It is incredibly tasty and its consumption improves overall health and well being.

I just started using this, and I’m very happy with the results.  Enough so that I’m here writing a review for you all!

Muscle Egg Review

Where Is It Produced?

Muscle Egg is produced in the United States in USDA compliant facilities. The facilities contain high-end equipment’s that are safe to use. This guarantees the safety and hygiene of the product. Not only is Muscle Egg safe to use, it is also free of any preservatives or colors. The egg whites also don’t contain any salmonella, avidin or listeria that are known to minimize the impact of the whites or in some cases have adverse impacts on the human body.


Being an egg white protein drink, people wouldn’t expect much choice in flavors but that is not the case with Muscle Egg. The truth is that the drink is available in many different flavors, both original and organic. The flavors include:

  • Original egg whites
  • Organic egg whites
  • Chocolate egg whites
  • Chocolate caramel egg whites
  • Vanilla egg whites
  • Mint brownie egg whites

The Organic egg whites are best for those who like to keep it safe and unprocessed. The organic whites are 100% liquid egg whites, free of preservatives and additives. On the other hand, the Original Egg Whites also don’t contain any preservatives or additives. 1 cup of Muscle Eggs original and organic contains 120 calories, 26g of protein, 4g of carbs, 0 cholesterol and fat. The other flavors are made from pasteurized egg whites, natural flavors, konjac gum, xanthan gum and sucariose.


The advantages of consuming Muscle Egg whites outweigh those of consuming egg whites in original form. This is especially true for those who can’t find the time to keep their protein levels regulated.

Muscle Egg offers some of the following benefits:

It is safe to use and is produced very hygienically

  • Very convenient to use. There are no hassles of cracking the eggs or separating the yolks. It comes in a ready to consume form
  • It can be added to any of your favorite dish or recipe.


While using Muscle Egg whites, it is important to keep a few considerations in mind:

  • The whites should be refrigerated below 39 degrees
  • The whites stay fresh for 14 days so it is important to consume them in that time frame
  • The company only offers refunds on the purchase if the whites come spoiled.

The Obvious Benefits of Dating Older Women

Yeah, I’ve been using this tactic for quite a long time.  Some friends of mine clown me from time to time, but I enjoy dating older women.  Seriously, I even have a membership at Cougar life the dating site for older women.  I use it daily.  Little known fact!

Long time ago dating an older women was thought of as the most immoral or unusual thing but nowadays people are getting quite accustomed to it. Many women choose to date younger women just because these men make them feel young and lively. Most old women are just there to have some fun and are not looking for a serious relationship and they find younger men more enthusiastic and physically fit for this task. Whatever reasons the women may have it might always benefit the guy abundantly.

Often men that have dated older women claim that it has always been fun and entertaining. You get to experience a lot of benefits without having to face the drama. Since older women have faced too many problems in their life like marriages and divorce so all these sour incidents in their life leads them to having less expectations out of everything.

All these older women tend to be independent and pretty straight forward. Most likely you wouldn’t have to pick them up from their apartment on a first date; they will probably drive themselves down to the meeting point. Naturally all older women have a much more dating experience than the younger ones and dating is definitely not new to them so they are quite able to handle situations in a calm and mature way at least a lot better than the younger ones. This quality is indeed the biggest turn on for men as it literally rids them off drama in their life.

Older women tend to be quite straight when it comes to what they want out of a relationship, whether it is casual sex, some quality time or a serious relationship or all of these. Since they make their intentions clear it saves both parties from an ambiguous situation in the future.

The last best thing about older women is that they can actually hold their own. It’s not the first time they are dating sow when you take her out to a social gathering she will honestly not embarrass you in front of your friends by grudging enormously against your exes. You never know she probably might befriend them. Since older women might have got a past of too many ex-boyfriends and probably ex-husbands so they will not be those spiteful jealous women and instead be more understanding to the fact that everyone has a past and its better not to hold onto it forever!